We all have been there…foundations, tinted moisturiser, bb cream *what*… 30 different shades but they all look the same. Then you pick the ¨right one¨,  you put it on your face and suddenly you are an umpa lumpa (ahhhhh!).  Then you see a  bunch of powders to contour and highlight, you are overwhelmed! You start questioning, why are you spending sooo much money in Sephora, if you are going to end up looking like when you had a really bad makeup from 2003.. 

Makeup is fun and I love the whole process of doing it, it is like having a therapy with myself. At the end, I look good and I give myself a good talk to be motivated to finally start with my New Years resolutions in March, win-win situation. I’m a fan of the ¨no makeup makeup¨ thing, like that vibe that you don´t care but you actually do. You just need a few things on your face and you are GTG (good to go btw)

After few years of practice and 49,348 hours of makeup tutorials on youtube, I have a few tips and tricks that I will love to share with you. But let’s start with you know nothing and I’m Ygritte. I’m here to lead you into a whole world of thousands of products that you don´t need, but let’s be real, we will buy them anyways.

1. Everything starts with the skin

The first thing is the SKIN. Yes, it sucks because not all of us have a good skin day every day. Sometimes you have pimples and redness and that’s ok. Let’s take a minute and thank God for skin care, and it’s miraculous products that help us out. So for this, be consistent with your regime, drink loads of water and pamper your skin from time to time. You can read Naty´s skincare routine for winter time, we will update that one soon… Because, how cool is that each one of us has different skin types? We will share all our secrets with you.

When talking about makeup, is like when we talk about skin care. Makeup products are different for a dry, normal or oily skin. If you are in the dry or normal side you want things that keep your skin moisturized and dewy during the day. But if you are oily, you need products that will help you control the oils, if not, you are going to look like a hot fried chicken mess. So, read carefully the packaging because they usually say for what skin type it is. If not the keywords to look for in products for dry and normal skin are moisturising, hydration, dewy. If you are oily skin, look for words like mate and oil control.

The products that I recommend for a beautiful base:


(you can click on the products to buy them 😉 )

2. Know your undertone to have the perfect shade

If the umpa lumpa situation is something familiar to you, listen out. There are a few types skin of undertones, and here are some lovely charts to help you recognize yours


Yes, I know these charts might look a bit weird at the beginning… But take your time, there is no rush. Once you understand your undertone it is soooo much easier to select your shade for every type of product (base, contour, bronzer, highlight… ). Try the foundation on the inside of your wrist or directly in your cheek. It has to match your body and remember that the face is usually lighter than the rest.

For a perfect concealer, you have to go two shades lighter than your foundation. And of course, if this is too much you can always seek help from a sale assistant, they are always helpful. And Color correcting is for another day folks… I’m still figuring that out.

Pro tip: take a pic with flash to see if your foundation/bb cream or tinted moisturizer have a white reflex so you can avoid that one when you are going to an event or if you know there is going to be flash photography.

3. Don’t go crazy, start with the basics

Yes, I know it is insane the number of products you can find out there, it is like dating apps, you don´t know which one to pick and you need your friends to help you out. So I’m here, helping you out, and these are the products you really (really!) need:

 base, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, mascara, brow stuff, and lips.

Really, only 11 things. The brow ¨stuff¨ it is a pencil or brow powder and gel. And for lips, I’m talking about a nude and a red. These are really the basics! It looks like it is a lot, but I promise it is not. With this, you can achieve your ¨no-makeup makeup¨ look in 5 minutes.

Pro tip: you can always use your bronzer as an eyeshadow.

My favorite basic products are here (I know is a long list).. but hope you like them:








Makeup for the brows:


Clear brow gels:

Basic lipsticks:


(you can buy any product by clicking the picture 🙂 )

4. The tools

For me the brushes are everything, if they are not good they can ruin your whole makeup. They are good cheap ones or more expensive ones…  Invest in this one, because is worth it. Besides you only need 4: Bronzer, blush, powder and a small fluffy one for powder highlighter and the eyeshadow tip. Our you can buy sets from Morphe or Real Technics. And you need a beauty sponge for your base and concealer. The beauty blender and the one from real technics are the best ones out there.

Pro tip: apply your base with your fingers and finish it with the beauty sponge.

My favourite makeup tools are:


5. Trial and Error

The key word here is –to blend-, blend everything for several minutes. You want your makeup to look flawless and natural, not some brown stripes and greasy looking highlighter. So remember, blend it cuz you want to look fab. And you know sometimes you need to let things go, so forget about a perfect cat eye and symmetrical brows, they are sisters, our some days they are distant cousins.

And remember HAVE FUNNN with makeup, try new things, master the basics and go from there.

PS: do you want a youtube video of my 5 minutes “no-makeup makeup”? let me know. And recommend me your favourite products.

With loads and loads of love, ADRI.

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