The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse its a dry oil for your face, body, and hair. It deeply nourishes and hydrate the skin and also works as anti-pollution, has antioxidant effects, and it doesn’t have silicons and preservatives.

I’ve been wanting to buy it for some time but I don’t know why I never did. I was using the Clarins Body Treatment Oil, I like it but the strong eucalypt smell was a bit much for me, so I didn’t repurchase it. So two weeks ago, while I was shopping for my trip to Sicily I thought why not, so I got the travel size. And let me tell you I’m OBSESSED.

First the smell, its sweet and maybe a bit intense at first, but when you apply it that intensity it’s gone and I just a fresh clean sweet kind of honey smell (its hard to describe a smell hahaha). So I recommend that if you use it don’t use perfume, the smell of the oil its enough and it stay on me for a long time. I apply it first to my body after a very long and sunny day at the beach. It was hydrating and left my skin super soft and it kinda calmed my skin after all the sunbathing. And because it’s a dry oil its not sticky and it absorbed very quickly. I was glowing and I love it. And it works fantastic for your cuticles and its good for stretch marks. Also, you can put a few drops in your usual moisturizer

Then it was my hair turn, and let me tell you, this thing its magic!! My hair was soft, shiny and tame, and with the weather in Sicily, I was impressed, it works with dry or wet hair and its perfect for smooth the ends of my hair. Maybe this is the secret for that ¨ I don’t care my hair is a mess look but you actually do¨ that only French people have. And the next day I woke up with dreamy beach waves and my hair was not greasy… WIN WIN

As for my face, I don’t know… even though it’s a dry oil I’m scared because a have oily skin and very very sensitive, so I will probably taste it out in the winter when the weather it’s not hot and my oiliness it’s not out of control, I will update when I put it on my face. But I put it in my eyebrows with a spooIie for a natural makeup situation.

So my verdict, I love this product. It’s so versatile, I will lather my body in this and I will be hydrated and glowing… the dream!!! It works so well for all skin types and you can travel with it and use it in the plane, it’s super an all in one product. I will have to try the bronze with glitter in it, but I already bought the full size and the travel size will be on my nightstand, It will join the Nuxe lip treatment Reve de Miel, that its also my favorite. So take the plunge and buy it, its magic in a bottle.

With Love, Adri. xx

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